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              “NAACOS conferences provide up-to-date information
              about the regulatory and legislative outlook for ACOs,
              best practices in population health strategies, and a                  Spotlight on
              great opportunity to share successes and challenges                        NAACOS
              with colleagues.”
              —   Jen Moore, MaineHealth ACO                                         Conferences

                                                                                    •  NAACOS confer-
              Educating ACOs on complex policy changes and program                      ences convene the

              updates is a NAACOS priority. We track and translate                      nation’s largest
              CMS guidance to identify special considerations for ACOs                  gathering of ACO
                                                                                        leaders twice a year
              that typically are not captured in CMS materials. We                      to share action-
              customize educational resources, including webinars                       able information

              and analyses to explain the ACO-specific angles and nu-                   for operational
              ance. We solicit and receive insightful member questions                  excellence—all
                                                                                        with limited vendor
              feedback on new policies, enabling us to further tailor                   presence because
              resources to address the specific questions of ACOs. The                  we maintain a 3:1

              following are examples of tailored ACO resources, typi-                   ratio of ACO to ven-
                                                                                        dor attendees.
              cally only available to members, developed in 2020:
              •  Analysis of Analysis key ACO provisions in the 2021                •  NAACOS confer-
                  Medicare Physician Fee Schedule final rule                            ence address the
              •  A COVID-19 ACO resource page, including a review of                    needs of new and
                  the CMS rule activating the MSSP  extreme circum-                     established ACOs
                  stances policy                                                        through plena-
              •  A chart of CMS Innovation Center models and their                      ries, breakouts by
                                                                                        track, exhibits, and
                  overlap with ACOs                                                     pre-conference

              •  A summary of the 2020 year-end spending and CO-                        workshops. While
                  VID-19 relief legislation                                             NACCOS confer-

              •  The ACO Guide to MACRA, 2020 edition                                   ences are open to
                                                                                        all ACOs, NAACOS
              •  A summary of Direct Contracting Model financial                        members receive
                  specifications                                                        significant dis-

              •  Telehealth FAQs to assist ACOs during the COVID-19                     counts on registra-
                  crisis                                                                tion fees.
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