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NAACOS Convinces Congress

                       to Fix Advanced APM Bonuses

            •  In 2020, NAACOS led a multi-faceted advocacy campaign to convince Congress to
                revise requirements to earn bonuses for participating in risk-based ACO models.
                Lawmakers heard the voice of ACOs and passed legislation in December to freeze
                the thresholds at more attainable levels in 2021 and 2022.

            •  Hundreds more ACOs will earn bonuses to help continue building care coordina-
                tion, information technology and data analytics capabilities to transform care

                                   What’s Next in 2021

            With the start of the 117th Congress and a new administration under President
            Biden in 2021, NAACOS will seize new opportunities to advance key policies to sup-

            port ACOs and grow the size and impact of the Medicare ACO program.
            Additional priorities including addressing the overlap of APMs to prioritize account-
            able care models, revisiting ACO quality policies and modifying certain policies before
            their scheduled 2021 implementation, and creating favorable ACO models with im-
            proved methodologies, such as fairer and more accurate benchmarks.

                      NAACOS Delivers on Direct Contracting

             NAACOS is the leading voice for the CMS Innovation Center’s Direct Contracting
             Model, an ACO-like, total-cost-of-care model that launched in 2021. With an ap-
             plication cycle to start in 2022, Direct Contracting is drawing interest from MSSP
             ACOs, Next Gen ACOs, and new players to traditional Medicare payment models like
             health plans.

             We work closely with the Innovation Center on building and improving Direct Con-
             tracting, and we have numerous resources for navigating the model.
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