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            NAACOS Is the                       We represent more than 12 million beneficiary lives

                   Voice of                     through hundreds of ACOs participating in popula-
                                                tion health-focused payment and delivery models in

                                                Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurance. Models
             •  Effectively advocates           include the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP),
                 for ACOs before the
                 Administration and             Next Generation ACOs, and alternative value-based
                 Congress                       payment models supported by commercial, Medicare
                                                Advantage, and Medicaid health plans. As a member-
             •  Shapes the legisla-             led and member-owned nonprofit that works to im-
                 tive and regulatory            prove quality of care, outcomes, and health care cost
                 agenda to advance
                 the shift from fee-            efficiency, the NAACOS mission is to:
                 for-service to value-
                 based payment                  •  Foster growth of ACO models of care

             •  Incorporats ACO                 •  Work with federal agencies to develop and imple-
                 feedback via mem-                  ment public policy
                 bers, committees,
                 and board                      •  Lead industry-wide harmonization of quality and
                                                    other performance measures
             •  Provides regular                •  Educate members in clinical and operational best
                 newsletters and re-
                 sources on advocacy                practices
                 efforts, policies, and         •  Engage the vendor community collectively
                 regulations affecting
                 ACOs                           •  Educate the public about the value of accountable

             •  Develops grassroots
                 initiatives for mem-
                 bers to engage their
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